WWE Superstar John Cena Reported Dead? Hoax Story or Real

Not too long ago, rumors had begun spreading that John Cena had died in a car accident after speeding on Interstate 80 (I-80) between Morristown and Roswell. Paramedics had reportedly arrived at the scene of the vehicular crash and after discovering a photo ID, they confirmed that dead body was indeed that of WWE superstar John Cena. Based on a supposed toxicology report, no alcohol or drugs were found in John’s system.

It was further reported that Highway Safety Investigators claimed that John Cena had been driving a friend’s car when he lost control. The vehicle apparently flipped a couple of times and resulted in John’s instant death because of severe head trauma. The Interstate 80 is a transcontinental limited-access highway that is a 55mph zone, yet John Cena had apparently been driving the vehicle at an approximate speed of 95 miles per hour.

Reports from witnesses had also been mentioned and according to them, John Cena’s vehicle crossed the double lines a few times before crashing into the center divider. As a result, the car flipped and rolled a couple of times before coming to a halt. The road conditions had supposedly been deemed responsible for the accident rather than alcohol or drugs. Reports had even gone as far as stating that memorial services for the WWE superstar would also be announced eventually and that the casket would remain closed during the funeral.

Is John Cena Alive?

Despite these reports, anyone who is up to date with WWE or has watched any of his other recent television appearances will be aware of the fact that John Cena is actually alive and well. All such reports were actually nothing more than fake rumors and hoaxes. Back when these rumors had been spreading on social media, even a photo of John Cena’s supposed crashed sports car had also surfaced on Facebook.

However, it is quite obvious that those rumors are just not true. Rumors of John Cena’s death have circulated online and on social media a number of times in the past. For instance, even back in 2015, many people ended up assuming and believing that John Cena had died, which was later proven to be not true. Perhaps one reason people are quick to believe such hoaxes and rumors is because of incidents like Paul Walker’s and Anton Yelchin’s shocking, unexpected, untimely deaths that were rather hard to believe.
john cena dead
The 2013 hoax had claimed that John Cena had died after suffering a head injury during stunt practice with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who himself is a WWE superstar. Back then, the hoax had been sort of clickbait to get Facebook users to click on malicious links. Oddly enough, John Cena himself has not addressed the fact that he has frequently been falsely reported to be the dead.

Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is that John Cena is very much alive and it is being rumored that he might make a surprise appearance on WWE’s upcoming Royal Rumble PPV. John Cena is alive and never died, whether while practicing a stunt or in a car accident. Those were all just fake rumors and hoaxes.

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