Which To Choose… A Restaurant Or A Cafe

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to go to a restaurant or cafe to eat, I mean both are equally enticing with yummy menus, so where do you go?

Choosing between a cafe and a restaurant totally depends on the kind of meal as well as atmosphere you desire. If you are looking for a quiet, sophisticated, high quality meal, then a restaurant is your best bet. The meals served at a restaurant are formal and sit down and are freshly prepared. Café’s on the other hand are very casual and the atmosphere is a relaxed one. Café’s generally sell coffee and offer light snacks and sandwiches that are generally premade or put together fairly quickly.

Untold Secrets of a Café…

Café’s are basically coffee shops, with a little extra, specializing in and offer a variety of hot drinks. People who generally work in a café are less skilled than people who work in restaurants and only have the basic training that is needed. Also due to the staff not needing much culinary skills, they are generally paid a minimum wage, but that goes hand in hand with the reasonable prices at a café. If a café were to hire a skilled trained chef then prices are likely to increase to accommodate the wage / salary of the chef.

Most food served in a café is prepared in advanced and then put together or heated upon request, some cafes even make sandwiches that are pre-made and pre-packed and ready to take away. Due to the cheap prices in a café, ingredients are generally not bought fresh everyday, but rather bought in bulk and stored away. Café’s also have set menus that rarely change, so there is no optional off menu’ meals available.

Untold Secrets of a Restaurant…

Restaurants have skilled trained staff, be it the wait staff or the chefs that are trained to ensure that only the best service is rendered to customers. Generally there are many different chefs in a restaurant depending on their area of speciality. These chefs prepare food as and when you order it, this is why it takes so long to get your food. However depending on the restaurant, certain side dishes and sauces are made in advanced and pre-tasted by the head chef or saucier. In most fine dining restaurants fresh poultry, meats, seafood and vegetables are delivered or bought daily to ensure maximum freshness and none of the food from the previous day is reused the next day. It also should be noted that most of the restaurant staff comes in hours before opening to prep the kitchens and dining area thereby ensuring that everything is up to standard when customers come in.

Nowadays there isn’t a very big difference between restaurants and cafes, with cafes now offering full lunch and dinner meals and restaurants offering sandwiches and snacks, however it should be noted that there is definitely a significant difference in standards and service between the two. If you are looking for a good quality cup of coffee or a quick bite with friends, in a relaxed environment then you should go to a café, but if it’s a five star meal with a good ambiance that you are looking for, then you need to head to a restaurant.

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