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Torrentz Alternative | What Happened To Torrentz Torrent

 Why there is a need of Torrentz Alternative ?

Ever since their inception, torrent sites have been involved in a battle with a large number of entities that wanted them erased off the face of the internet. During this battle, that spans over a decade, many websites, such as Torrentz, have fallen. Yet, the world of file-sharing always adapts, along with its users.

What Happened to Torrentz Torrent

Up until the summer of 2016, Torrentz was a file-sharing behemoth. Founded in the year 2003, this website even preceded the famous, rebel child of piracy, The Pirate Bay. Although often classified as a torrent site, Torrentz itself never hosted content, pirated or otherwise. Instead, it acted as a huge and efficient search engine, allowing users to find what they were looking for on other sites.

In August of 2016, soon after KAT had closed its gates indefinitely, Torrentz followed. While KAT’s demise was a clear goal for the MPAA and other organisations that defend copyrights, Torrentz’s shutdown came as a big surprise for the millions of users around the world. Even though it never hosted files itself, the website disabled its search function and denied users from log-ing in. While it’s easy to assume that the MPAA and others had something to do with it, the site operators did not comment on the shutdown.

Best Alternative to Torrentz

While Torrentz has joined the file-sharing graveyard along equally important names as the old Demonoid, KAT and Torrentspy, Torrentz alternatives are out there. Here are some of the best:

1. The Pirate Bay

With relative short downtimes caused by scuffles with a number of different agencies, TPB remains reliable. Even though its appearance hasn’t changed since the 2000s and user feedback isn’t the greatest, TPB returned to the pole position after KAT shut down.

2. ExtraTorrent

While also outdated as websites go, Extratorrent is among the best Torrentz alternatives. Its home page is similar to KAT’s, as it classifies files by category and shows what’s popular on the daily. Home to ettv and ETRG, this torrent website delivers both series and movies quickly.


A new addition to the torrent world, RARBG is only a few years old. Due to the ever-shifting state of affairs, in which many giants closed their shop, RARBG gains more and more users as time goes by.


While Yify has recently ceased his activity, others are more than willing to take his place. While having no connection to the original site, this YTS took it upon itself to continue Yify’s work.


While the original EZTV was the subject of a takeover, the current owners are doing the same as the old ones: releasing torrents. Their files can only be found on their site, though.

Why Do We Need a Good VPN to Access Any Torrent Site

Having Torrentz alternative is great for the users. But the dangers that site operators face, also extend to the user-base itself. When involved in file-sharing and piracy, even downloading one movie or TV episode can lead to dire consequences. Depending on each country’s legislation, torrenting can get users arrested and facing piracy charges.

Using a good VPN is crucial for the user’s peace of mind. VPNs not only offer anonymity, by not allowing agencies to track your IP address, but also allow access to torrent sites that may be blocked in the user’s country. Piracy and file-sharing have had a large target on their back for years. A good VPN offers privacy and allows the user to remain unknown.

1. Hotspot Shield Elite

2. HidePan VPN Service for iPad

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    Tim Martine October 31, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    I’ve tried to download the TOR browser, the FreeNet browser, and several other browsers listed. The computer I’m using just says it is unable to locate the server. How the friclin HELL do I get onto this system??

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