Square Register Review : Business App From Google Play Store

Square Register Review

With the the price of POS systems running through the roof, it’s good to know that Square’s Register is now available free for download to your Android device. Startups no longer have to fork out megabucks buy a fleet of iPads for their business or worry about the cost of common POS systems, with UI’s that are often difficult to navigate, especially for the average Joe.

The Register is a cloud based replacement for your more conventional cash register, it works alongside your Square credit card processor (with a magnetic stripe reader for Debit and Credit cards) and there’s also the Square contactless or chip reader attachment for EMV cards and Android Pay.

Pricing for credit card transactions is incredibly reasonable and smaller or startup businesses can really benefit from the lack of exorbitant implementation and running charges.

Added benefits include real time inventory and sales tracking plus integrated reporting and analytics systems which save you the hassle of doing all that external admin and having to log sales by hand.

An easy to use interface where multiple users can log into the same account make the app worthwhile for small business owners like myself.

I enjoyed the highly customisable item descriptions and found the sleek and streamlined design attractive and easy to use, most of the time…

The problem comes in if you run a larger scale business or your business really starts to take off. Startups and small businesses are exactly what Square Register was meant for and it’s unwise to push the app too much further. Unforeseen costs, lack of real time customer support and infuriating fund holds on larger (supposedly suspicious) transactions make operating a large scale business with the app more than a little impractical.

Square Register makes sense if you’re a small or new business owner already using or planning on using Square’s credit card processor. Working the Square Register into an existing or larger business might bring on a world of hassles, not least of all due to the real lack of live customer support.

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