Scan Documents and Pics with Microsoft Office Lens For Android and iPhone users

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is a new iPhone app for scanning documents released last week. It is available for iOS and as a beta release for Android. It is very handy in scanning photos, documents and whiteboards. I found it good in detecting edges with an automatic cropping that saves a lot of steps. The optical character recognition feature worked very well when provided with a printed text. It works perfectly when I scan business cards for adding new contact into my iOS contacts. It also proved useful in exporting scanned documents in OneDrive. The documents can be Word, PDF or PowerPoint. It enables you to attach the documents to your email and save them in your Photo Library


Office Lens starts in camera mode while showing shoot, flash, scanner and overflow buttons. The later gives access to Settings, Resolution, Import and Recent. It automatically draws a box around the text when you point your phone at a document. The scanner icon lets you select among whiteboard, document and photo.


Once you select the type of shot, all you need is to press the shutter button. You then obtain a shot with save, delete and crop options. The shot types are interchangeable before you decide to save. It then asks you to rename the shot and specify the storage location. You can save it in OneDrive, OneNote and even in your Android Photo Gallery. The OneNote is checked to enable you to access your shot from OneNote in your PC or any device after signing into your Microsoft account. It provides character when saving as Word. PDF saves were stored in the OneDrive storage and viewed in a PDF viewer. However, there is no OCR text. The app worked well with some business cards but could not decipher curved pages. It perfectly links phone numbers and email addresses. The text is displayed on top and can also be obtained easily using the OneNote search.

microsoft lens


-More reliable

-Straightens angles

-Does not require OneNote or Microsoft account

-Cleans up whiteboard shots

-It is free


-Does not work on curved surfaces

-Does not work for complicated business cards

Microsoft Office Lens enables you to scan your documents, white boards and cards while making them more readable and editable in some instances. It enables you to access your details anywhere with ease. You don’t have to worry about the App crushing while in use.

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