Real Racing 3 Review : Personal Review

Personal Review of Real Racing 3

Firemonkeys had created the best sim racer to be released on Androids mobiles and tablets. You even get to play the Real Racing 3 game for free. Yes, free!

Watch Your Speed

Real Racing 3 is realistic in many ways and because of that, you realize you have to follow some real racing type rules, like slow down when you hit the S-curves. If you don’t, you will find the other players taking advantage of your mistakes. This game will thrash you if you decide to break too late or you don’t stay in your race line.

Different Cars/Different Reactions

When you switch between the different classes of cars, you realize that there is much detail involved in the set-up of the cars. The cars can differ between speed, ability to stay on the road, and the speed in accelerating or decelerating.

Please Help Me

One thing I was happy with until I got used to playing the game is the different options for assisting and controlling. The game has built in brake assist, steering assist and there is even a traction control that you can leave on. You just slightly tilt the wheel in the direction you want to go. As you improve on your game you might end up wanting to use manual control where you may have better control and therefore make better time.

Looking Good

The details of the cars are very nice. They look so good that is due to the visual determination of Firemonkey. The cars are going at 200 MPH.

No Money Spent Makes Me a Happy Camper

real racing 3

The best part of the whole deal isn’t I haven’t spent a dime. If you are an exasperated gamer and you can’t let time rejuvenate you, you may end up spending your money to get things moving. I’m pretty happy with the way things go and I haven’t let the temptation of spending to get things done sooner bother me.

Overall this is a great game and a lot of fun. Between the real like action of racing in a beautiful car and the competition, and the ability to not have to pay to play, I have to admit that it is extremely enjoyable and I’m glad I got to play it.

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