Racing Rivals Android Game Review 2016

Racing rivals is a contemporary game that is fun to play. You can download this app from Google play store. The basic idea is to grasp the concept of playing it as the challenge commences in the second match. You first start by picking one of the three available starter cars in the showroom. Then, you drag strip to either select the multiplayer or the campaign mode. Racing rivals afterwards gives you three options to work with. These options include; launch, accelerator and shift options. The amazing part is that you have no fear of steering the car.

racing rivals

Sounds simple, isn’t it? The ultimate success of this game is to master how to handle the accelerator. This is the only guarantee that you will race well as soon as the race begins. Furthermore, you have to accurately time your shifts as soon as a blue dots line heads up the green one. The source of error is microscopic. If you have not revved the car appropriately as soon as the racing light turns green, you have just lost substantial energy to your opponent that could enable him or her defeat you in the race.

However, not all hope is lost if your timing was imperfect. Your opponent can as well miss the above mentioned vital shifts and you can actually make up for your lost time if your car is well decked up right from the showroom. The fun with racing rivals unlike other competitors is that you personally perform these actions.

Racing rivals has a number of pros like; getting unlimited money as well as gems that permit you to purchase fastest cars with best customizations. This makes everything more thrilling for your race. The unlimited resources will assist you perform better and thus have a better competitive edge.

The major con that comes with racing rivals is that a player must first race with slow cars before getting the faster ones. However, this is meant to develop the individual’s skills.


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