Leading Android Game Slingshot Racing Review

Slingshot Racing Review

Slingshot Racing Review

Slingshot Racing is not a game like the traditional racers. There are no steering wheels and pedals and the entire racing is simply conducted by tapping your screen. By considering how normal racing is usually complex, you would think that Slingshot racing would be terrible, I did too, and I was wrong. The game does not only relieve your childhood memories but also has another old school tradition of only having a single screen player.

The car used in slingshot racing looks like a cross of a racer from the phantom Menace and toboggan, racing around short tracks. There is no engine in this racing game thus your sled gets hurled around the tracks by the grappling hooks which shoot out and get attached to the posts that are scattered around the tracks. Tapping the screen will make the vehicle latch to the nearest rotating station, to make a turn you press the screen to send out your hook, and release it by lifting your finger. It’s all the control input you need while racing.

The game has a total of 64 tracks each with different objectives i.e. normal races that are against other opponents, time trials as well as pickup races where you’re required to gather cogs, chomper races that requires you to avoid getting crushed by a massive icy slicy machine. Completing each levels gets you 1-3 star rating or cogs. Fireworks and confetti are displayed to mark the end of each level.

Additionally there is a simple and elegantly dressed game mechanic. The game is easier from the start but gets difficult and somehow frustrating when you reach pickup and trial races, halfway through the game.

The game outlook is great. You get the feel that you are in strangely steampunk world which has surreal drawings and detailed artistry, with the presentation not changing so much as the game progresses on. In some races the tracks are reversed or the races are at night but one gets the sense of déjà vu very quickly. The disadvantage is for a game with 64 levels this is a disappointed and therefore we expect different kinds of tracks, different types of races and somehow our vehicles should get modified or upgraded.

The best is that the game is fun with a brilliant idea behind it as it merges various games together therefore creating a unique game. Slingshot Racing  is fun, weird and also free; download it now.

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