Latest Breakthrough To Earn Atleast $1000 Per Month From Youtube

Everyone knows what YouTube is but few people know that YouTube video makers can actually get paid for posting their videos. A lot of people have made decent money on YouTube and others make a pretty good living on running YouTube content creations from home. YouTube has given a lot of people their 15 minutes of fame and it doesn’t really matter that their videos never got to clocking millions of viewers but they still manage to get some views by family, friends and internet trolls who accidentally stumble on online videos. Web content creators know how difficult it is to make money online but it has been done before.

If you’d like to explore YouTube to make money whilst you promote yourself and your brand, there are a few things you need to know about:

1. Place ads at the beginning of the videos you post

It’s true that YouTube users have a short attention span unless you have established yourself, you can only hope to catch and keep the interest of a YouTube viewer for at least 30 seconds. YouTube creators who are serious about making money will concentrate on that. Get your adverts to come on first. YouTube will tally ad revenues and split them with video makers. Showing an ad before the actual video will make you more money than a 30-second video clip of your cat playing the piano.

adsense ads beginning

2. Get a Sponsor

A lot of companies who are into social media marketing are always looking for novel ways to advance their digital marketing goals. They are most likely to seek bigger YouTube channels than small ones. As you improve your YouTube channel and as followers increase you might find a sponsor who sees the potential your channel has. Sponsored ads pay more than regular ads.

When choosing a company as a sponsor make sure that they are a legitimate company and not a couple of people looking to get as much exposure through you and cheating you of what you should be getting. When you do find one or are approached by one, make sure you enter into a contract with a lock-in clause to ensure that you don’t get swindled.

How much does a Youtuber Earn?

YouTube has made many millionaires over the years. It’s weird how people can make millions doing nothing but unboxing toys but someone made $4.9 million in revenue. How much does a You tuber Earn?ue in 2014 doing just that. This YouTuber got over 217 million views for a channel about Play-Doh.



The top earning YouTube channels are IISuperwomanII, Smosh, Nerdy Nummies and Tyler Oakley. The biggest earner to date is gamer known as PewDiedie, PewDieDie who has earned a cool $15 million in one year leveraging on the 50 million viewers that follow, stumble al. PewDieDie has a record-breaking 50 million viewers, which makes him the darling of YouTube advertisers. If people will spend their time watching a guy playing video games and cussing then anyone can be a YouTube sensation.


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