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iOS vs Android : The Insight Comparison Between Android & Apple

Smart phones are important features in the daily running of activities in society. This has been brought out by their unique properties as well as efficiency. There are two main players who make smartphones a success. Within this article we will discuss about the various aspects of war between two mobile OS developing giants iOS vs Android.

This is Android operating system that is owned by Google and IOS owned by Apple. Both operating systems have undergone tremendous development since they were introduced. We are going to look into detail comparison between these two operating systems.

It is always proves to be difficult to differentiate software experience between these two operating systems. This is because they share most features such initial set up and lock screen. Your system will be determined by your setting and customization from games to social media apps. One can install these apps from respective app stores. In both operating systems, applications always run in full mode thereby forcing the user to use one app at a time. It is however important to note that you can multitask but your other app will run in the background. Both operating systems are coming up with new versions which will include split screen app usage.

Home Screens and Lock Screens


There are slight differences between the two operating systems when it comes to home and lock screens. The major difference in home screens is that Android includes an app drawer where the operating system stores all your app icons. This feature is found in almost all android phones. Apple operating system simply dumps all the applications on the home screen. However, you can arrange these apps in folders. Another feature found in Android is a launcher which enables you to control folders, apps and icons. This feature gives a new meaning to the Android world. Phone security is very important. This is aided by an authentication screen before gaining access to a phone. In Apple system, this feature is straightforward but coming to Android, it has new authentication mechanisms, third party apps such music playback and widgets.



Getting notifications in our smartphones is important since it help us in ticking along as well as being up-to-date. With introduction of smart phones, there is no need of manually logging in to check any new message. It simply pops up on the screen on appear on the notification bar depending on your phone customization. Google has introduced various notification configurations allowing placement of “to do” buttons on each notification. One can also access quick settings on the notification bar. To access quick settings in Apple operating system; you will have to swipe up from the bottom.

Play Store And The App Store

play store vs app store

Power of a mobile operating system is determined by the apps and services. These applications can be installed from Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for IOS phones. These stores are the safest platforms where one can find and install applications. However, App store and iCloud must work simultaneously. Many users prefer using Android since it is configured to mold our liking. We cannot however rule out the simplicity of Apple smart phones. It is thus important to gauge on various factors before making a decision.

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