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The Internet and the World Wide Web are a treasure and a great source of knowledge and immediate information for everyone in the modern world. However, there are billions and billions of files on the internet, and until someone doesn’t know the exact Universal Resource Locator (URL) of the required file, he will have to depend on the different search engines in order to assist the person to get the required information. The search engines are the tools that basically allow the users to search for different types of information that is available on the internet; this is done by using the specified keywords as well as other search terms. Instead of searching on the internet, you actually look up into the database of the engine in which the files are available.

The search engines add up the functionality of three different tools working separately. The engine first crawls throughout the internet, moves from one link to another and looks for different web pages. After the new files or the web sites are found, they are added up to the index of the search engine. The index of the search engine is actually a database in which information can be searched about the files that were found on the internet. Sometimes each and every single word in the document is indexed by the search engine; however, all engines do not work in the similar way. The search engine is some sort of software and it allows its user to access and search in the database of the engine.

While using a search engine, when a query is being run, you are actually just searching the index of the engine of the files that are available on the internet. None of the search engines alone has the capability of indexing each and everything on the internet and the web since there is a lot of information there. Moreover, there are lots of spiders that do not or cannot enter the databases and the index files. As a result, a lot of information is to be excluded in the queries of the search engine; the breaking news, files of multimedia, images and documents, tables, etc. are included in it. In a broader way, such kinds of resources are actually referred to as invisible web or the deep web. The concept is that they are buried in the web, deep down and also they are invisible for the search engines.

There is noticed a variation in the estimates made till now; however, the deep or the invisible web is supposed to be greatly larger as compared to the surface web. Almost 500 or probably more times, the information is to be located on invisible web as it exists simply on surface web. It contains different files of multimedia (that includes images, audios, videos, etc.), documents and files, software, content that changes dynamically (breaking news, for instance), and other data that is stored on the database like the records of phone books, data related to business, etc. It is quite clear that the deep web offers something to almost of the students who want to make some research.

The way that is considered to be the easiest for finding the information on the invisible or deep web is the usage of a particular specialized Search Engine tool. There are a number of times that a very tiny part of deep web is indexed by a lot of search engines; but, some of the engines are such that they target the invisible web particularly. If some information is required that has chances to become classified and be a part of invisible or deep web, then those search engines that mainly focus on such type of content are considered to be the best literally.

There is a possibility for the search engines of deep web to start selling the ads in the way surface web search engines do, i.e. in a form of paid listing. They are different in the way of covering the content of the deep web and in offering dissimilar options of advanced searches. Two of the famous search engines of deep search have been discussed below:

  • Complete Planet: It is a free search engine use for commercial purposes. This engine actually acts like a gateway to the different services for searching; it provides links to more that seventy thousand searching web sites. In case of easy and simple browsing, the links of the sited are to be organized into a browsing tree. The links can also be searched by making use of different keywords provided; it retrieves a result list.

  • Scirus: It is limited to a greater extent in terms of scope. It is considered to be an academic engine and it does not sell the ads in the form of paid listings. Instead of making a try for providing an access to the whole deep web, Scirus focuses more on the scientific content. The users are allowed for searching more 167 million web pages and databases that are scientific by using the Scirus. This search engine is provided free of cost by a famous company named Elsevier; this company also does the marketing of the databases to the individuals as well as the institutions.

Of course Scirus in the search engine that is considered to be scholarly to a greater extent as compared to Complete Planet; hence, it is supposed to be more appropriate as well for fulfilling the needs of academic researches. When you make a research for a specific class, there is a need to be discriminated with the invisible search engines as much as you are discriminated with a number of other tools that are found online. The advertising policy of the engine should always be looked up. You should keep searching the search engines that are non-profitable and they pick up the information only from the reputable sources. The deep web can be an outstanding and a great resource; however, it should be used with a lot of caution.

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