Crack A Wifi Network With A SmartPhone 2016 (Working 3 Sept 2016)


Hacking a WiFi Hotspot

If you’re walking up the street and pass a cafe, a restaurant, a hotel, a gas station, or any other business that involves a high amount of turnover or foot traffic, the place is bound to have complimentary wifi. It’s expected nowadays. If a business doesn’t offer the service, it’s like they don’t have a bathroom, or air conditioning. Today, wifi is considered part of modern civilization. So the odds are, that you probably have a wireless internet connection at home too. Again, having wifi in your home, though was once way too expensive or unnecessary for most homes to claim, is now part of the average American household.

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But what if you’re the exception? What if you live in an apartment surrounded by wifi-owners who taunt with their router names and that awful little picture of a lock right next to it meaning that you have to have their password to be able to connect. In the past, you may have thought that it meant you would never be able to use their internet unless you begged and pleaded for their secret key, only for them to change it the next day. However, that isn’t the case anymore. Tech gurus have made it beyond easy for you to hack into your neighbors internet provider without even needing a key.

Forgotten Password of Your Router

Now, if you were needing to hack into your own router simply because you forgot the password you set (which happens to the best of us), this wouldn’t be the way to go. You can simply log in to the router or your internet service providers website and change the password. And of course, if you have forgotten that password too, you can simply reset the router itself.

But this is more for the people who want to hack into a wifi connection with the security feature enabled.

Online Software

If you search around for ways to crack the code on your friend’s internet password, the first things you’re likely to find are links to software created for you to get around the passwords. However, most of these are known to dump out more viruses into your computer than they are worth. Most of the time, this leads to a messed up laptop filled with bugs and bots. So what other options are out there?

Online Systems

The difference between online systems and online software is that, with systems, you do not even have to download them to your computer. They are used specifically online. You don’t have to install them to the hard drive. Examples of this would be Kali Linux or AirCrack. Both of these are created to be a “penetration tester”. As the name implies, the systems work against a network to seek and find any possible way to break through the password.

WPS Breach

Other programs like Reaver work only with routers that have WPS (Wifi Protection Setup) initiated. WPS is where you can press a button on the router and a button on your device for them to sync together without having to use a code. This is also the means that Reaver uses to bust through without a password as well.

Connect WPA-PSK Protected Wi-Fi Network Without Password

Step #1  :  What you all need is: Your smartphone, visible wifi connection that we are going to hack and Wi-Fi Hacker tool to penetrate the Wi-Fi signals. Once you have all these things you can jump to next step.

Step #2  : Open your laptop/ computer and open the Wi-Fi Hacker tool in it. Open the Wifi Network you would like to hack on your smartphone and tap and hold on it until you connect it with your laptop. Once your mobile is connected with the tool via data cable you can click on the hack Button on the tool and then release the button on your smartphone.

Step #3  : Give 3-4 minutes for the tool to capture all the sent and received data packets from the victim Wi-Fi hotspot. Once you get a success message>> Again Tap the Wifi Signal on your smartphone and click on Connect Button on the Wi-Fi Hacker tool. You will get connected within a 30-45 seconds 🙂 Enjoy !!

Step #4  : If in case you get any warning message from the Wi-Fi Hacker tool, just simply restart the process. Error may occur due to damaged data packets while penetrating the signals.

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How to Hack a Wifi Network Near To you?

Its a usual thing when you move out, you will see lots of secured wifi networks on your smartphone but have you ever head about the Wifi Lookup that can help you to get connected to them.  You can download this wonderful app available on Google Play or Play store. This app penetrates the weakest password protected network and try to crack the pass using brute force attack.

So why are you waiting  guys go and test out these methods never leaked before on any website 🙂



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