Cached Data Pros And Cons on Browsers, Mobile Phones and Computer

What is Cached Data?

Cached data is information obtained from an app or a web page which is stored on a computer, tablet, smart phone or any other type of computer based device. The main objective of data caching is decreasing data access times.

Benefits Of Deleting Cached Data On a Mobile Phone

1) Enhances speed and performance. If you access the internet often on your phone, there is a good chance you have a sizeable cache which may end up negatively affecting performance and speed of your phone when you surf online. By clearing your cache, you are bound to see a difference in performance of your phone.

2) Maintains privacy and data integrity. Failure to clear your cache means that anyone with the necessary skills may be able to not only see what you have been doing but also steal personal information such as your log in credentials. Additionally, temporary files in the cache are often a target for malware and viruses.

3) Fixing browser errors. Sometimes the cache may cause errors and inconveniences when using your browser. For instance, your browser may return error messages, sites may be slow to load while others might not even load at all and other times, apps may not respond. More often than not, clearing your cache fixes these kinds of issues.

4) Improves availability of data. When the storage capacity of the cache is full, other sites or applications that may require the use of cache may not be able to access this resource. This leads to inconveniences such as slow response times and error returns.

Effect Of Cached data on Browsers like Chrome/ Opera/ Internet Explorer and Mozilla

browser cached data

When accessing a website for the first time, your internet browser temporarily stores data from the site in its cache. The next time you visit the website, rather than downloading the data all over again from the internet, your browser will load the data from the cache copy. It is basically a process that is directed towards speeding up the overall surfing experience. Web pages can be composed of multiple elements and loading the cache copy of data means quicker load times.

Is It Beneficial To Delete Cached Data Or Not?

cached data

More often than not, chances are that you may never need to clear your cache. This is because the cache regularly deletes data that is not used over a period of time. However, the cache may be the source of issues such as sluggish responses in apps and browsers and virus attacks or you maybe you may want to reset an application in which case it may make sense to clear the cache.

Apps For Removing Cached Data On a Mobile Phone

Since it is important to clear the cache once in a while, there are more than a few phone apps to help you in this endeavor;

1) App Cache Cleaner. This is an easy to use application for clearing the cache to free up some storage space on your phone.

2) CCleaner. This is a popular PC and Mac cleaning tool and they recently released an Android version of their software.

3) Clean Master. This app does more than just clearing your cache; it also optimizes your phone with features such as battery saver, an anti virus and a speed booster.

4) Cache Cleaner. Cache Cleaner works with both rooted and non rooted mobile phones.

CC cleaner


Bottom line

While data caching is essential for the smooth functioning of every device, it is just as important to participate in the management of cache storage by performing tasks such as clearing your cache.

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