Best Ways To Sell Your Old Smarphone

Every day one of the major cell phone companies are releasing a brand new smartphone for consumers to purchase. Cellular companies like T-Mobile and Sprint Wireless entice their customers with amazing upgrade offers and many times, the offer seems too good to pass on. In the past, customers typically had to wait one to two years before they could upgrade to a newer model, but today, customers are finding themselves with a new smartphone every six months, so where does this leave their older’ smartphone?

Despite the fact the phone is considered old in the technology world, it is in fact still new to many consumers’ eyes. So, before you throw that phone in the draw with your old Nextel phone, consider selling it and recoup some of the money you invested in this smartphone you are no longer utilizing. Here are 5 tricks to sell your old smartphone:

Research and find the value of your smartphone. Before you decide to sell it, find out exactly how much your phone is worth. When a consumer is seeking to sell a car, they find the market value based on the model, make, and year, you should do the exact same thing. Every iPhone 6 is not the same – 16GB has a lesser value than 128GB. Websites like Movaluate and Sellcell exist to assist you in finding the value.

Bundle with another phone or device. Surprisingly, your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy 5 might not capture the attention of a buyer, but your Nextel i860 could be in high demand by companies in need. Remember, not every industry utilize fancy smartphones, but tow companies still utilize walkie talkie phones, so by adding your older model phone could increase your chances of relieving yourself from more than one device.

Direct-Sell On Your Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)

direct selling

The average retail price of an iPhone 6 is $549, so if you are seeking to get rid of yours to upgrade to a newer model, post a status on your wall to inform your friends you are selling your phone. Your friends are more prone to purchase from you because they trust. Plus, people are walking around with an iPhone 4s, so if they could upgrade to a newer’ model without having to pay $500-700, they will be more inclined to take it off your hands. Add pictures of the phone in your post because many people are visual. Be honest about the condition of the phone.

Post an Ad On Craigslist

how to sell on craigslist

Everyday people search Amazon and Craigslist for amazing deals and offers for new technology, so if you are looking to sell quickly and receive the money without processing or transaction fees, this is the place to turn to. Placing an ad on Craigslist is free and as long as you include pictures with contact information, you are likely to sell your smartphone in record time and reap the full profit of your smartphone.

Gazelle & Amazon

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Use Gazelle or Amazon to reach international markets. Although we live in the United States and are accessible to smartphones easily, people in other countries tend to spend approximately $700-$1,000 for a smartphone in their country. So, to get the price you want is more likely if you advertise on one of the two websites because it will be cheaper for them versus paying the retail price in their country. While you will have to factor in the time to ship and processing fees for the transaction, you will still be the winner in the end.

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