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Kickass Alternatives

kickass alternatives

Kickass aka KickassTorrent (KAT) was basically a site that used to provide a directory for the files of torrent and magnet the links for facilitating the sharing of files in a peer-to-peer network by making use of the BitTorrent Protocol. The web site was founded in the year 2008 and then it went offline and got locked recently in the month of July (2016) at the time when the government of the United States seized the domain of the website. The proxy servers of the website were also shut down by the staff of kickass at the same day. After the shutdown of this website, people keep on looking for different alternative of Kickass; some of the alternatives have been mentioned and discussed below:

  1. My-MoviePass (Link)

 mymoviepass review

It is one of the best alternatives of the KickassTorrent. When you go to this site, the first thing you are supposed to do is, get registered online, then select your favorite movies, and then watch the movies in high quality display. You can watch as much movies as you want to. This platform claims to offer the best rates to its users because they only charge the users for their movies. The users do not have to pay any fee on monthly basis or any sort of subscription charges. Your entertainment system at the home as well as the media center of your computer both can be upgraded by using this platform. The films can be downloaded easily and any sort of movies that are full of horror, humor, drama, mystery, suspense, etc. can be watched. The sound quality of the movies is also promised to be good. By using this site, the online movies can be streamed instantly and the films can be watched in HD. There is no restriction of time as well; the movies can be watched at any time.

  1. 4K Movie Streaming (Link)

4K movie streaming is another great platform for watching and downloading different types of movies. It is also similar to the KickassTorrent and thus considered to be its alternative. You can search any of the movies there and watch them in high quality display. The movie can be downloaded from the website and watched later as well. It is named as 4K movie streaming because actually 4k is a technology that is taking over very speedily over the main stream of the world of digital videos.

  1. HD Streaming Movies CPS  (Link)

It is a great alternative of Kickass and is gaining popularity after the crackdown of the Kickass Torrents. It provides its users different categories of movies so that the required movie can be searched easily and downloaded whenever required. All the latest movies are supposed to be uploaded on the web site and the users do not find any difficulties to search their desired movies.

  1. Dx-torrent.com (Link)

kickasstorrent-alternative-dxtorrentThis web site is entirely similar to kickass; it design, functionality and everything seems to be exactly like that of the official web site of kickass. There are chances that the team of kickass will probably resurrect this site. However, this site is being used as an alternative of kickass after the crackdown of the site. So this website can also be used for getting the similar services as provided by kickass original. This can also be called as the mirror site of kickass.

  1. Kickasstorrentsas.com (Link)

It is also one of the excellent alternatives of Kickass Torrent. The design as well as the functionality of this site is entirely same as the Kickass original web site and it is still working. You can use the web site but you are supposed to be cautious, since it is not actually operated by the team of kickass officially; so you must install some antivirus software before you visit and use this site.

The files of the torrent can be used without any sort of problems or difficulties. Al of the links of Torrent, are in a working condition. This web site is making use of the old database that was dumped and the release by the team of kickass at the time when ThePirateBay was cracked down.

  1. ExtraTorrent.cc  (Link)

Extratorrent is another such type of famous web site that can be used as an alternative of kickass. The ExtraTorrent can be used easily these days since the Kickass Torrent is blocked these days. This website is alsoofficially the home of ETTV as well as the ETRG releases. Presently the traffic of ExtraTorrent is high after the crackdown of Kickass Torrent. The files of this torrent are supposed to be organized in different categories. The function for searching enables the users for searching the files that they want. This is a very famous site and has about thirty million visitors on monthly basis throughout the globe.

  1. TorrentsDownload.me (Link)

It is also an outstanding website and is considered to be another alternative of the web site Kickass Torrents. The site has a minimal design and its features are supposed to be excellent. This web site has almost two millions visitors and users on monthly basis on average. The files of the torrent can be downloaded with the help of magnet link or simply by downloading the files of the torrent. The server of the website works fast.

  1. 1337x.to (Link)

It is another alternative of the web site Kickass Torrents and its features for downloading are similar to those of the kickass torrent. The traffic received by the web site is also decent; however, this site is presently not really famous. It would be decided by the time that whether the web site will gain enough popularity in the coming years or no.

There are some of the websites that are exactly same as Kickass Torrent and they are more likely to be called the mirrored sites of Kickass rather than its alternatives; they include: kat.al, kickasstorrentsan.com, katproxy.site, kickass.cd, kickass.mx, etc. These sites can also be used in the similar way and they have the same features as those of the Kickass Torrents.

9. NetFlix (Link)

netflix kickass alternative

NetFlix is one of the most popular medium of watching movies inside US. As we all know its a legit and a paid service that charges you as per your membership. $100 Netflix Gift Card Giveaway from the owner is the big help for the members looking for Kickass alternatives.

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